Rummy is a popular card game, traditionally being played for centuries. In many families, holiday celebrations are incomplete without the family gathering around for a friendly game of Rummy while for other families, any family get-together is an excuse to enjoy this game for both young and old alike.

As with any other game, Rummy too, has levels to be crossed and challenges to be overcome, making it a game of strategic planning and skill. In order to make it easier for the player to understand them, the rules for Indian Rummy online game are available through Soda Rummy.

Soda Rummy is the first Rummy website / mobile application to launch 27-Card Rummy. We understand that a lot of players in different states/countries follow different rules, different points when they play. To accommodate each family, we allow a player to rent a private table and set your own rules and variations on the type of Rummy game you want to play. With no money exchanging hands other than In-App Purchases and Table Rental, our focus is on the family & friend play instead of taking a percentage out of each hand as other Online portals do.

A Rummy Card game is a perfect platform where relationships can be forged among people spanning different generations! Are you ready for Rummy of your choice? Whether it’s 13-card, 21-card or 27-card Rummy, Soda Rummy has the recipe for your family fun!