Strategies While Playing Online Indian Rummy Games

A game of skill requiring carefully thought out strategies is the biggest challenge that players face, while playing Indian Rummy games. It becomes difficult to plan a strategy when there is no basis of crucial information regarding advantages possessed by opponents. Here is how to utilize strategies while playing online Indian Rummy games:

First Make a Complete Pure Sequence:

Once players receive the cards that have been dealt to them, their priority should be to make a pure sequence. A pure sequence is a group of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit, formed without using a joker card. The value of all the cards in the hand are summed up and added to the points tally. If an opponent declares and the player has a pure sequence, the value of the cards in the sequence is not accumulated to the points. Making a pure sequence also depends upon the kind of Rummy game the player is playing and its rules. For example, for 21-card rummy, players are required to have three pure sequences and not just one. In case they don’t get the requires three pure sequences, then all of the cards count against the player, that is the points of all the cards get added up.

Drop the game:

When it becomes more and more difficult to form a pure sequence, a player has the choice of dropping the game, either immediately which is called a first drop or in the middle of the game which is called a middle drop. This strategy is adopted by players when they feel that losing the game gracefully is better than fighting till the end resulting in a defeat. This is the third strategy that can be adopted after trying to form a pure sequence with or without a joker card. If a player is unable to form a sequence and has numerous unmatched cards, it is always better to drop the game. A player earns 30 points for a first drop and 70 points for a middle drop. Therefore, it is always a better strategy to drop the game earlier and losing set amount of points than dropping the game later and paying full amount of penalty points.

Dropping the game also depends on how players count value cards. In some cases, where all the players get value based on what cards they are holding within their hand, it might be worth continuing to play to get that value from all players. In these cases, where the penalty for full hand is usually capped to a specific amount (120 points in a lot of places), that penalty is only paid one time to the winner of the hand. However the value itself is collected from every player playing the game thus still coming out positive.

Tracking The Opponent’s Moves:

Tracking opponents’ moves is a continuous process that needs to be done discreetly as it helps the player to plan their own moves. This involves observing what cards are being discarded by whom which in turn indicates what kind of sequence they are planning. In this case, the player should try to discard similar cards so that the opponents are not interested in using them. Care should be taken that the opponents are not trying to fool you in turn. This instinct can only be developed through practice and experience.

With practice, it is possible to gain a thorough knowledge of all these various strategies and learn to use them with perfect timing in order to win Indian Rummy online games.

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